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​We are a small store in Rockport, MA that sells
​one-of-a-kind hand-crafted items produced in the heart of
​the African bush​. We are dedicated to selling products from individual artisans and companies with fair trade principles committed to sustainable employment to improve local communities. 100% of our profits are donated to support health, education and community development in rural Africa.

Open Weekends 11 AM – 5 PM

          Weekdays 12 – 4 PM 

​                                                    Great New Products from Zambia and Rwanda for 2018


Our textiles mix traditional African art with contemporary designs.
Learn how each individual work of art is created…


The process begins with the cutting and fraying of 100% cotton sourced from Southern Africa. Individual designs are drawn onto the fabric using a flour and water starch solution; often these designs are freehand drawn. Artists draw inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. The textiles are then left in the sun to dry.


Once dry, each piece is hand-painted using a wide variety of vibrant colors. The next stage is baking in an industrial oven, which makes the textiles color fast and fully washable. 
Following baking, each piece is washed and starch carefully removed to reveal the colorful designs. Finally, textiles are sewn, pressed and delivered to our store! 

Learn more at http://www.tribaltextiles.co.zm/

Learn how your purchases help empower communities…

Our baskets and wooden carvings are created by individuals participating in The Crafts Project at the Choma Museum in Choma, Zambia. Our beaded jewelry is created by individuals receiving microfinance support from the BeadCache. These projects stimulate the production of local crafts for the purpose of preserving local traditional skills and providing an alternative form of income to the people of southern Zambia.

In addition, 100% of the profits from our store are donated to help community projects in rural Zambia. Recent projects have improved access to dental care; access to clean water for people and farm animals; nutritional, educational and medical support for orphaned children; support for schools and local soccer programs; veterinary assistance for farm animals; and the creation a birthing center to improve maternal and child health.

‘Ubuntu’ is an ancient African word meaning ‘I am because of you’. 
 embodies the idea of connection, community, and mutual caring.
When you buy a product from our store, you directly support rural communities in Africa and reinforce this universal bond.


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